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Stop providing a platform for hatred and racism propagation.

People keep posting nasty comments about muslims and Islam on every occasion. If the articles is about Prime Minster they find a way to bring syria, terroism etc into the conversation. There are propagating Islamophobia and hatred. see some e.g
Islam is bad news however you try to sell it.

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As President Obama is about to make a televised speech this evening, it's important that America realize who he really is. Obama is a sleeper cell who's intent is the deliberate destruction of America's culture, economy and national defense. When President Obama speaks, he's speaking not as an American, but as a radical communist Muslim pretending to be an American.

The New York Times, meanwhile, has now chosen to side with ISIS by calling for the complete disarmament of law-abiding American citizens while refusing to call for disarming ISIS terrorists. Between the New York Times, the Washington Post and President Obama, America is now an occupied nation being run by communists and Islamists who continue their insidious push for open borders, race-baited culture wars, transplanting ISIS terrorists into U.S. cities across the nation and destroying the national economy via Obamacare and other punitive mandates that crush small businesses and destroy jobs.
What is the 'shock' here? Why be shocked at all? I mean, if you are a follower of Islam, the Koran/Quran clearly states that you are "born for war." Further, it is instructed that you might fight the 'infidel' wherever you find them. You must "chop off their hands, feet and head." Also, it is... More

PLEASE PEOPLE these spawn from **** are not men or women so don't compare them to the rest of us. These devils only kill those who cannot defend themselves such as those in California who had mental or physical disabilities. Women and children anywhere. They are cowards of the worst kind. Send them all back to **** without exception and feel no pity as they felt no pity with there victims.


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