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Bring back the "my comments" tab, and allow me to opt out of stories about Jenner, Kardashians, Miley etc.

I understand that Yahoo wants to improve User experience while using Yahoo services and as well Yahoo needs to maximize ad revenue. But treat your users with more respect. I trusted Yahoo with years of comments to stories etc. and it represented a truly unique timeline of my ever changing opinions and attitudes that I could always go back to and read. It was the closest thing to a diary I've ever had. Then it is yanked with no notice, without any means for me to even save my comments and all responses to my hard drive. Please bring back the "my comments" tab and I hope our old comments have not been deleted.

As well, according to Yahoo, the new home page setup is supposed to "learn" my preferences when it comes to news stories etc. However when I hover over a story the only option I have is a "Y", and there is no "N". I will forever be stuck getting stories on Kardashian, Jenner etc.

I have been a faithful Yahoo user since 1998, that's right over 17 years which is longer than the employees who are messing with my services have been working at Yahoo. Please respect customers like me. I used to really like Yahoo, but it's slowly turning in to the lesser of two evils (vs. Google - Gmail which is a horror story the way they abuse and sell your information to others).

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