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Your articles are broken, it's just a bunch of tweets

I think your display is broken. Whenever I open a news article, it's just a bunch of people tweeting at each other. I sometimes double-check to make sure I'm not actually on Twitter because the number of tweets is staggering. And most of the times, the articles have titles like "clapping back" or "throwing shade", some strange jargon used by kids in elementary school to try to look cool.

Whenever something is written, you know, like a paragraph (you know, that stuff people actually have to sit down to write) and it's not a tweet, it just repeats what was tweeted either literally or similarly.

If I wanted to read a bunch of nonsensical tweetster gibberish, I would go on Twitter. I know it's my fault, I keep going to Yahoo news and expecting actual news, with actual articles written by actual people.

Every once in a while, I come across content that is actually worth looking at, but to my surprise, it's taken from another website.

Here is my suggestion : Get a couple of those journalist/reporter fellas for your office so they can write words that you can put on your website, instead of a bunch of copy/pastes from facebook/twitter/msnbc and so forth.

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