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Before I critize your redesign of your web (ca.yahoo.com), I am wondering why the change?

I wish if you had professional web designers to notice the fault in the new design. Or Beta test before you implement.

The new design forces the user to hover to get information. Prior, the user can make an inform decision on what to select. Hovering forces the user to waste time by hovering each image to get some details. It is not user friendly due to additional work for information.

If I wanted to see a bigger image, I would look at flickr or some art site. I do not know why you decide to make a large image when the bottom half is lost with the hovering text. That java script hovering has been around for years and do not why such childish design.

It is known to never put gray on gray.(ie grayish text on gray background). It is thus harder to read for most. High contrast like black on white has been use since the beginning. If not broken, why create headache. Some designer dislike black letters, and thus bluish /blackish mix. Any web design book would mention good design.

Please reinstate due to above reason(more work by user to make decision and gray on gray scenario). Tx u for looking at my complain.

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