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Yahoo needs to lighten up on its policy of restricting and censoring words that people use in the comments section.. Too petty...

When you people censor proper terminologies like *****, ****** or ******, you're going too **** far. Your censorship practices are clearly over the top and bordering on petty.. I seriously am starting to hate everything about you and am very seriously considering adopting a new home page; one that's not earmarked for little old ladies who teach Sunday school...Get with the real world folks..

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    Yahoo is staffed by nothing but a bunch of nerdy techno freaks who have absolutely no idea what the real world is. They obviously live in a world far far different from ours. Get a life jackasses and stop trying to improve something that does not need improving. Your so called improvements are disastrous for the future of Yahoo. Yahoo is already selling of bits and pieces of its business. In other words it is circling the toilet just waiting for it to flush. Well we have already hit the flush handle. WHOOSH.

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