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WTF, Yahoo, Who ******* cares what that ******* Jenner is doing, or that one of the Kardashians AF?. Try reporting real world events maybe?!

******** world Bankers, ******** IMF swindling Zionist money shylocks, ******** George Soros, and your foundations, Major cause of most wars, these ******** going after the wealth of countries around the world. Limitless greed no matter who or what that destroys.

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    The problem is, the people that Yahoo! makes money from care about this garbage. Folks like you and I want proper content; that is not profitable for Princess Marissa, so it is not likely to be found.
    Remember - this is about making her rich. It is not about us in any way. Except as sheep to be fleeced.
    I am winding down my use of Yahoo! I use another email service for my real stuff, and reddit for my news.

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