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Yahoo, please stop with the negative President Trump and his family. If Ivanka wants to wear a $5000 gown to a very important event what's

Yahoo, please stop bashing President Trump and his family. He won the election PERIOD, quit hounding him and the family about it. And if Ivanka Trump wants to wear a $5000 gown and she can afford it, ALL the more power to her. At least we don't have the leaches (Obama's) in the White House anymore. I wonder, did Michelle take the China with her? President Trump is a breath of fresh air. And with all his BUSINESSMEN Cabinet Members, I feel we will get some very good bills passed in the House and Senate. All it takes is reaching over the isle and talking with your peer about just HOW can WE, TOGETHER improve the future of our great Country. Enough bickering by some of these worn out OLD codgers (both Democrats and Republicans) that just want to fulfill their own agenda. Can't the American People step in and have a SAY about TERM LIMITS? HOW can we make that happen? We all know those two sacred sanctities of our government would never limit the years they can serve. Senators (2 Terms (12) years). House (3 Terms (12) years.

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