How can we make our products more accessible to people with disabilities?

Look over support plans & I must say. The multimodal planning, pricing and delivery, are excellent!

That being said, despite my respect of the planning & support offerings in general, support or rather a pre-pay of support only come into play if a client is using a product and needs support for a task(s), or if they have done something wrong, and require a detailed call for resolution, and some mistakes, may go beyond even support via screen sharing; and require a physical visit.

I was designated permanently disabled in 2010 due to multiple congenital and inoperable conditions and still managed to open a thriving IT business. One problematic example consists of severe paresthesia’s (bilateral, both lower extremities), AND much more. They paresthesia’s manifest if I am sitting in a certain place for more than 20-30 minutes. I am sitting in one of those places and and have passed the ½ hr. mark. I need to move quickly, as I have been doing something very simple, avg. time, 3.5 minutes, with over 226 logins. CHANGING MY EMAIL.

The type of support which should not be charged, is support for a product or service a client is using, tries to do something simple and is not permitted to do it, nor do any FAQs or support searches do not address my issue. I even tried adding a secondary email. Sorry for the long email, but right now I login to Yahoo for just one group where I am a member; The Triple Nine Society. This is the email I have been using:

I am changing that email, to a different business email and I need to know how to change my login to this link: : with my new email I will enter into the system, when I can be told how.

Current email and user ID:

Someone can hopefully contact me at the above email (which will be active) for about another week. Thank you.

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