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OMG! Even the way to post your suggestions/comment is backwards. Like someone said earlier…this isn’t rocket science.

This is the most frustrating, navigationally ridiculous, site I have ever seen. “Home” is irrelevant. There are no links, no direction to anything except a bunch of movies YOU THINK I might be interested in seeing. So, I go to “Trailers” in an attempt to get some information on ONE movie. I get the same thing. I have to scroll through dozens of movies and other stuff that have absolutely no relevance to me in life, and often I STILL can’t get a simple description of the movie I am trying to get some information about.
Now, seriously frustrated, I go to “Get Showtimes” which shows the movie and showtimes, but now I can’t click the movie!!
I have watched you make changes to this site over and over for the past two years, when the way it was way back then was fine. It might not have been the prettiest…but it was functional!

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