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How about a quick proof-read PRIOR to posting an article ? There are at-least 3 glaring grammar errors in "10 Places you will never visit "

Proof-read and Edit accordingly, prior to posting articles. I understand the point of the article however, if your going to mention places like Area 51, spend an hour researching who claims to have seen, attempted to- and those that have- reverse engineered not one but multiple alien flying crafts as well as those that have worked side by side with EBE's and you will quickly see they were scientists, engineers, security personnel, test pilots that all worked at Area 51, S4 and S12. Would you believe the Director of Lockheed Martins Top Secret facility there called Skunk Works if he said --> We have already done EVERYTHING you can imagine and more, we have had starships capable of going to other star systems ...we could take ET home or go get em " Upon his retirement Ben Rich gave a talk to a large group of American students, and this is an almost perfect quote from that speech. FYI , it is widely believed most UFO tech and occupants have long been moved to other facilities, some of which are known as DUMB's, (Deep Underground Military Base - avg. depth exceeds 1 mile )

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    Say what you think - but - Print what you know.

    In Ignorance is Security - but if it helps you cope , who am I to judge ?
    But just as hearing about Blind Obedience will innately raise red flags in many
    trusting those that dont know and those that dont think is as logical as still believing the earth is flat.

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