How can we improve Yahoo?

Why do you insist on forcing change on us? Stop it and leave the classic homepage or at least give us the option to keep the page we WANT!!

Hate it. Why cant you at least give us the option
to keep the classic page? !!!! Stop trying to fix what is not broken.

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  • ✈ℳḯкε✈ commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    *****DO YOU (anyone) WANT YOUR OLD "Homepage" BACK ?? ..follow my steps..

    - Whatever "browser" you're using, FIND OUT "HOW" to "remove" the YAHOO "cookie" ..
    - Then, ...CLEAR your browser's "Web Cache" ..ok! ,,and THAT should return the old Homepage that you love!

    -- AND (as another suggestion) ...Look to see if there's a "box" in your "browser" (inside Tools/Options/Advanced or etc) Automatically UPDATE "Search engines" .. if you see it..then--> UN-check it!!! - ("un-tick" the box)

    Much love to ya..

    -- Please HELP ME SHARE THIS to other people - THX ☺/

    vab gvangfasnbsmbgsmbngsdm

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