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Everytime yahoo switches they get tons of negative feedback and people switch to google. Why switch? Somebody in an office trying to legitimize their job? Do something other than mismanage Alibaba to drive value down? Make loyal users unhappy?

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    *****DO YOU (anyone) WANT YOUR OLD "Homepage" BACK ?? ..follow my steps..

    - Whatever "browser" you're using, FIND OUT "HOW" to "remove" the YAHOO "cookie" ..
    - Then, ...CLEAR your browser's "Web Cache" ..ok! ,,and THAT should return the old Homepage that you love!

    -- AND (as another suggestion) ...Look to see if there's a "box" in your "browser" (inside Tools/Options/Advanced or etc) Automatically UPDATE "Search engines" .. if you see it..then--> UN-check it!!! - ("un-tick" the box)

    Much love to ya..

    -- Please HELP ME SHARE THIS to other people - THX ☺/

    vfs ngangasngfasm

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