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portfolio view needs all data

When I create a portfolio view, there are limited choices of data column, where as there are many more when I look at a quote.

For example, when I get a quote for QQQ, I can go to the performance tab, and see "Trailing Returns (%) Vs. Benchmarks" for YTD, 1 Month, ... This is the kind of thing I need in a portfolio - I hold a lot of mutual funds and etfs. I wish that you would create a standard interface that made all of the data available - don't manually pick and choose. Also, I with all the data could be available in your fund screeners too - and I wish for one screener that looks at both mutual funds and etfs.

If I can help in any way lets talk - (I do product management, and I do javascript/react). I'd also love to see API's!!!!

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