How can we improve Yahoo Cricket?

First I would be thankful to Yahoo if they can make it a live projection with preferable language presentation in English.

Well the existing idea is not bad, provided the match scorecard ( up to date ) is shown with at least running commentry, that wii give immense opportunity for late tuners so as to get more about cricketing history of all times in between th commentry.

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    It is sheer complacency, India lost to New Zealand miserably on the 4th ODI. India could not resist with all its heavyweights against the most ordinary bowling attack of Kiwis. well, this cannot be ruled out the possibilities of underhand processing takes place between the players. This result under any circumstances cannot be accepted, knowing fully well in mind, that loss and win are common factors in the game of sports. Congrats India for such a delectable loss. I am ashamed to say" Keep it up".

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