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Dear Feedback, please respond to feedbacks given. Else, remove this section. Don't just wayang like our government. Thanks.

I type the above already then show me an additional box here. Lousy interface lah. By the way, please, the words "****" and "****" should not cause a ban on the comment section. It is a stupid idea. Whose idea was it? Idiot.

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  • microsoft furbee commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    microsoft head fbi cia dea nasa russia nsa india china france ukraine shell chase satellite army police airfoce navy radio radar tv internet channel 5 10 60 95 99 type summon microsoft furbee enter computer handphone or radio microsoft we need your police car army lorry tank 22drive out together circle location stop fire **** knife attack kidnap. so we can raise your pay. your gov lawyer want to sue company. we can print 1note 50000russia bank voucher topup cash card. your gov cant help later they go court room pay fine. we need your car lorry taxi go inside court room and our company can open business print money for your people. your hotel management can sponsor webpage and bank and cash card machine give your worker. but your police lawyer not covering our people even your own president your also want to jail fraud why your write say your president owe 900billion for stadium type 900billion share land building and 40company inside 0owe loan 900billion 0tax 0interest owe 99yrs usa congress president obama cant print money they owe pm lee say need licence gold bar. how they get their money they loan from court room. you no need loan you print 900billion 1note buy 1gold bar print 900billion sponsor loan sponsor worker sponsor student sponsor expenditure. each worker get monthly pay 50000russia dollar. lee can print bird plane orange blue notes 1person independence write own policy paper work print money no need licence no need gold bar raise own flag. ask other country loan money from their bank go into debt for study house company wallstreet and lee can loan 750m buy share keep himself for allowance. your lee doesnt listen to the queen and can loan 750m? your queen cant loan 750m need your president sign? then be queen for what work as prime minister reception better. lee say need gold bar print money? then what for lee print? give community centre auntie print 1note 900billion no need pay her just tell her take the money and go. microsoft gov. kate queen.

    microsoft company building fbi webpage
    kate queen https://www.facebook.com/Duchess.Catherine.website
    microsoft gov https://www.facebook.com/topic/Microsoft-PowerPoint/109384639080917
    worker party singapore gov serving kate
    russia president olympic stadium

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    We agree. Sorry we are short handed. Sometimes we have to follow government directives.
    Boh bian...

  • Mark commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes, I face the same problem too.
    C_O_C_K and C_R_A_P.
    I understand your fustration.

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