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Navteq, the data provider, is unresponsive and their map is wrong

In July 2012, I made numerous map change requests to Navteq (your map data provider). Simply has prove the adage that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. Navteq was unresponsive for months, then when I filed a BBB complaint they promised to change the map (in a few months). When I followed up further, more promises, and then they said it was fixed. It's not fixed and now they contradict themselves and are refusing to fix what they promised before would be fixed.

My specific issue is the border between Waltham, Massachusetts and Newton, Massachusetts. The border line Navteq drew is sloppy and wrong. It zig-zags back and forth where the actual border line is smooth and straight. Compare:



There really is no excuse for this. That second link is even has an Open Data Commons License. This is completely ridiculous.

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