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Stop the click bate

1. I prefer to read rather than watch a videos. If in public or around others I prefer to read in silent rather play a video aloud.
2. I find a lot of your articles recycled but retitled just to get clicks.
3. A lot of your articles really aren't fact based but in truth they are opinions and are misleading and have catchy headlines again just to get clicks.
4. Stop the articles that just go straight to sponsors. I don't mind having to click through them to read the content.

In conclusion, I've been reading Yahoo since 1998 and it's continually eroded over the years. I prefer "light news" meaning not like CNN and Fox where every article is breaking news and the world is ending but articles are sourced, cited, fact based and are relevant to our world.

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    Liberal reporting without facts - just opinions
    And the sponsored - get rid of them - pop up all the time

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