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Possible fake email from Yahoo - Account closure

I received an email allegedly from Yahoo informing me that my account will be closed unless I upgrade to the latest version. I made screen shots of the emails and would like to send it to you for verification. Or better yet forward the emails to you, if I just know where to forward it to.

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I received a similar mail awhile ago:


    29 Nov at 5:55 PM

    Yahoo! Mail

    Dear user,

    Your Yahoo account has been marked for immediate shutdown due to non-verification.

    Please follow below attachment to Verify and prevent loss of account.

    This warning will expire in 24 hours!

    Thank You.
    Yahoo! Mail Services

    Copyright © 2018 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Anabelle Angeles commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    me too, I also received email saying these..
    “Dear User,

    Our record shows that your Yahoo Mailbox is Out-dated which has
    caused some incoming mails to be placed on pending.

    Kindly follow attachment below to Upgrade newest Yahoo Mail 7.1.6

    in order to be able to receive new mails.

    Best Regards,
    Yahoo Mail Support”

    The email sent from named: Yahoo but when you open the detail of the email shows this: romiejayoalin@yahoo.com

    And the Yahoo logo inside the message looks not real.

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