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Please next year...allow the Commissioner "the ability" to replace the Yahoo email address that the member had to create when they signed up with his default email address that the member uses daily....year around.
Many of the Yahoo email addresses that are created to enter the Pool are never checked or never reach the Member, because their default email address is "Gmail" or "AOL"... as an example. Most of the members don't know how to add the Yahoo email address to their system (or don't want to) so the can receive messages from both their default email and the email address that was created to enter TOURNEY PICK'EM.
If the Commissioner has the ability to change that email address...all former Members would receive an invitation to the email address they use everyday. Of the 163 Members from last year's Pool only 40% received this year's invitation....I had to enter the default email addresses for 200 Members...basically one by one. Some I did from my Yahoo address book....and those invitations don't show up Fantasy web page on how many times you invited someone!
Thank you for your consideration....
The Commissioner

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