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Don't cover news stories about mass killers on your "celebrity" show

It is irresponsible and I wish it were criminal, for any program billing themselves as having "celebrity" content to cover a story about a mass killer. Listening to you spin this by saying "now he's getting the attention he wanted" made me sick. Everyone who covered this on Insider and whoever put it on Yahoo Celebrity should be fired. I hope you lose sleep the next time someone kills multiple people because they want to be a "celebrity" too. You are not journalists, leave the serious stories with deadly repercussions to those who are. You're barely better than the 13 year old high school gossips. How you are not ashamed to be on the air and cover this story speaks to your ethics.

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  • mike Ashton commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Just another example of Yahoo's lack of any journalist integrity! Nothing here but trash and filth of the pornographic type. Typical "*********** trailer park stories"

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