How can we improve the Yahoo Finance app for iOS?

Daily Ticker is awesome

I really love the daily ticker, but there's no easy way to watch it. Can you create an app for the iphone please, and also make it easy to add to My Yahoo!

I'm also not a big fan if the changes to My Yahoo! I used to be able to see dozens of stories on my iphone using the desktop view, now i'm forced to consume graphics rather than stories and I can't see as many headlines as I used to. I wish you left the old view option intact. The current page limits are a productivity killer.

What I would really like to see is to be able to make your own custom news page in My Yahoo! Pulling in headlines from any custom source on the web like Google Reader used to do.

I still love Yahoo. Keep up the great work.


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    The Daily Ticker was one of the main reasons I installed the yahoo app. This new version of the app has made me stop using it and going straight through safari. Bring it back!

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    It's been months and still no sign of this being apart of the app. I love Yahoo Finance but I should be able to see all of its features on the app instead of going on my browser to search for it.
    (And all other yahoo originals)

    Thank you

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