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set my password to where i DONT have to call att everyday forRESET.i need a password

att reguests a password to innernet every day its getting old .fix problem or ill get another internet co for all3 accounts I have ,pcis new.why should I pay for a service I have so many problems with? if I didn't pay my bill att would cut off my internet right?why doent it work both ways?this problem is now more then 30 days old an not resolve.if att cant fix this tell me so.

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    I can't figure any way out of my problem with yahoo.com e-mail.........It doesn't accept my PW without asking me to verify it......The alternate address I set up I can't reach because I don't remember the password........So it is just a round robin deal for me, not matter which address I use I can not get on line..........What can I do.......I need my e-mail files.........Thank You !!!!

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