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Yahoo was my main service until ~1996 for email, news, discussions, etc. Then it destroyed all so I sadly went away.

1. Make webmail work again!!! Currently I can't even right-click a msg and open it in a new tab or window!!! (in Chrome 70). I have stopped using Yahoo for email in ~1996, but I kept it because for unknown reasons many keepwriting ot me on my Yahoo account. However I am actually unable to reply to them, or even only to READ those emails: short of simple way like Right-click and choose New Tab, reading and sorting hundreds or thousands msgs is IN FACTS impossible (too time-consuming).
I suggest that at least ONE person in yahoo staff tries at least one time to use one of their products. This would create a revolution! since Yahoo is light-years from understanding anything about customer use.

2. Please reinstate REAL WORKING discussions. I remember that despite all the destruction Yahoo had made, those BBS were still full of heavy traffic during the attack on 11 sep 2001, that Yahoo forum remained the only channel to get true info in the early hours of the catastrophe. But this needs a couple things:
- information REQUIRES to be PERSISTENT. If you delete it after a month or a year, then it has no more real utility.
- posting REQUIRES poster to be IDENTIFIED. Yahoo discussion died from the number of hooligans posting under false names (that professional liars call "pseudos").

- Make each message has AN ANCHOR (like "id=2018-1033.1222.123456") hence a LINK

If a message can NEVER be posted BUT under TRUE and VISIBLE name and identity, and remains posted for 10 years with its own URL (thanks to the anchor), THEN your forums will revive.
Versailles, Mon 22 Oct 2018 14:26:00 +0200

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