Hi, please let us know how to improve the Yahoo! app further.

Please make the links you click on stay inside the app rather than redirecting to websites. The pop ups and random redirects suck so much.

Um as the title says the articles that redirect you to outside internet cause me great distress. Honestly, I really really ...really hate it. I hate it so much I am actually filling out a form which is two points of hate away from calling Comcast customer service. Your app used to kill it! It crushed! Buzzfeed is losing ground and you have every opportunity to seize the carp! Just keep having great articles ...that open inside the app! There's got to be a way to still make the advertising volume still apply in-app. If even accept banner ads at the bottom, that's how much I hate this. You guys can do it. I believe in you. Yes I'm drunk.

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