How can we make our products more accessible to people with disabilities?

Color schemes need to provide more contrast for vision impaired

Yahoo Groups needs to restore the former readability features to make it easy again for senior citizens with disabilities, including vision impairment - to use groups again. I am a senior citizen with vision impairment. I have been the moderator for many of our groups for many years. Previously, I had no problem being able to function as a moderator because I could easily read all of the commands for rejecting or accepting messages (all of our boards are moderated). However, with the supposed recent "improvements" - i have found it almost impossible to be able to read enough of the directions to decide whether or not I should accept or delete a message. I can see a blue check, which I presume means to accept and a red cross which I presume means to reject the message - then there are some dots - and I have NO idea what the dots mean. Moving the cursor over the symbols produces some some of writing - which I presume must be an explanation of what the little symbols really mean - but the writing is too tiny and too obscure for me to be able to actually read what the explanation is for the symbols. I cannot highlight anything to use my Mac Book Pro SPEECH feature, available under the Edit Button - and the explanation for the little symbols does NOT respond to the READER feature on the Mac Book Pro. In fact, in order to come to the customer care section, I run in to a page with TINY light blue writing on a write background. The pale writing might as well be white. Have you ever tried to read white on white or black on black? The "tip" is to appoint someone else to share the moderator duties. However ALL of the members of ALL of the groups which I belong to on Yahoo are senior citizens, dealing with various disabilities - including vision impairment. In addition, they are NOT tech savvy. The supposed "new" so-called "improvements" COULD be a dream come true for someone who is tech-savvy. But members of the groups which I belong to are NOT tech savvy. We are senior citizens and are dealing with a variety to disabilities, including vision impairment. Asking another member of one of our groups to take over the moderator duties would NOT change anything - because the only candidates for the job would ALSO be senior citizens, dealing with various disabilities, who are likewise NOT tech savvy. Yahoo needs to assign someone to read through the Americans with Disabilities Act and pay attention to some of the suggestions which have been made to make computers accessible to senior citizens who are NOT tech savvy and who are dealing with a variety of disabilities. It just seems to me that a primary goal for forward looking executives would be to make sure that your product is EASY to use for the greatest number of potential customers, clients, advertisers and consumers. Making your product so difficult to access that people just give up because it has become so difficult and so time-consuming seems to me to be the type of upper level management decision which would eventually spell disaster - because you are severely limiting the number of people who would want to even try to use your product.

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    Theme for email - awful, hard to read, everything is so pale, it is hard to read.

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    much like the suggestion made in a comment minutes ago about something like: 'admit you made a mistake, go back to the old page format' in which I suggested something like 'add a drop down box that gives:
    options, there should be another for things like this.
    An alternative is of course adding these features in an accounts settings so this account ALWAYS displays the screen in this way...

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