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Many article headlines are false and misleading. Headlines for articles are lies at times. Your page is being discredited.

Writers need to stop lying in headlines to get people to read thier stories. Anymore half of the headlines are bias and all out lies. After reading the story you wonder how the writer could even possibly gotten their headline for their story. STOP THE LYING. News reporters are supposed to be neutral in politics. YOU GUYS ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM and honestly should be fired for writing misleading articles and false headlines.

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  • Bonnie m commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    You, along with many other news outlets, are a minority in this country. Like all the minorities that the democrats back...for votes...they are not the consensus of the US as a whole. Not everyone is so easily led, and there are many who look for facts and not your biased OPINIONS when they want to know what is going on in our country and government. All news is, anymore, is a bunch of morons stating their opinions without facts.

  • MuddyRoots Guy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Your writers are trash. To start off....They constantly have grammatical errors. The kind of errors you get a red squiggly line underneath; and they still can't fix that. Secondly, your titles are complete BS. Misleading. How about fixing that too. Now for the real meat and potatoes. Your writers are liberals, we get it. If you're going to report news...be non biased. Give us the facts, and the facts only. Don't try to twist them into some dark right wing issue, or golden knight left wing articles....just tell us the news. That's it!

  • J Carter commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Please discontinue false entertainment reports as " clickbait" i.e., lies on Duchess Meghan Markle and other celebrities. .

  • x11 pipe commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Why so many articles where opinions, assumptions, and personal interpretations are presented as "indisputable facts"? Can we please be more objective instead of being so chock full of liberal propaganda?

  • Mohamad Alfakir commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    For the longest time, Yahoo has carried articles from the "National Interest" on its front page. It is not hidden that the National Interest is a pro-military, pro guns, pro Israel, highly right wing publication.

    While it is perfectly okay to carry random representing all sides, Yahoo has made a religion of carrying a "national Interest" article on a daily basis, which now sounds like quite a bit more than a "random" or even fair selection. The latest article that appeared this morning is appalling:


    It basically outlines how should Israel use its nuclear weapons.

    The point of my objection is: After all the gun violence, wars, bombings, destruction going all around us, What is the value of such article other than glamorizes and entices nuclear war?

    I certainly think the national interest needs to "go" back to the lower level publication tier it really us, it belongs down with "soldier of fortune" and similar gun-nut publications. Your carrying of such publications does nothing but tarnish your name.

  • Ryan Hatfield commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    My problem is that Yahoo will post satire articles but without any information in the headline that it is satire. Most people only look at the headlines and don't read the article. And when you read the article you only get a summary which also doesn't really tell you it is satire. It is often only when you click to read further that it is either labeled correctly or becomes obvious.

    I can think of two prime examples of this:

    When the FBI wanted that terrorists iPhone unlocked there was an article posted about how the FBI accidentally poured water on the phone after unlocking it completely destroying it. The headline just had a believable "FBI accidentally drops terrorism suspect's phone in water" (or something similar). I honestly thought that was real and an ironic turn of events until I actually went to the original "news" source. Many others in the comment section were fooled and were just mocking the FBI for incompetence.

    On election day there was a headline at the top of the front page saying "Putin spotted campaigning for Trump at polling stations". That seemed unlikely so I clicked on the headline only to be greeted with a short paragraph or two basically saying just that. There was no indication of who the author was just that the source was the Washington Post . It wasn't until I went to the Washington Post that I saw the author was Andy Borowitz who is a well known satirist. The rest of the story was obvious satire. But this is outright dangerous in the way Yahoo edits these satire articles down for quick consumption.

  • Keishla Ceaser commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Your headline that Putin blamed Jews for election interference is irresponsible and hyperbolic. It takes his quote out of context. He lists many other ethniciites and doesn't single out one group. Do better

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