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stop illegal bait and switch ads.

https://afternoondelightfulness.com/stallone from https://screenshots.firefox.com/11GJ7Zvnu3Wx655M/www.yahoo.com. Do you think Stallone won't sue? Do you think the FCC would help get this stopped? Don't tell me you have ads to keep yahoo free. If I submit, per your request, that the ads offend me then do as you promise and remove them from my profile. Pretending to care does not cut it. Do what you've said, remove these illegal ads and do better.

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  • Deb Genetin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yahoo could provide legitimate news stories that are not all about getting "clicks." Every time I click a Yahoo "news" story, I am sorry that I did! Looks like I am not the only feeling used, teased for a click

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