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Has anyone ever considered not featuring stories about racism every single hour of every single day? I've been getting my news from Yahoo for a long time now (maybe that's the problem) and I can't remember 1 single day where there wasn't a FEATURED story about racism in the news. I get it. These things unfortunately happen from time to time, but it feels like a lot of the time there are bigger things going on in the world that should take precedent or the story wasn't racist at all and you guys are trying to spin it so it is. I probably don't speak for every single one of your readers, but I feel I speak for most of them when I say we are sick and tired of hearing about race. It happened, we will never forget this country's past. It was a rough and bloody one at that, but I think most people are trying their best to move on and with the media constantly pushing our faces in it and spinning every single thing that happens into race and, really, trying to make each reader pick a side, you are essentially dividing people and allowing it to define our country. This probably won't go to anyone important or make any difference, but thanks for at least giving me an outlet to voice my opinion I guess...

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  • Pat commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Democrats rely on racism. As long as there are Democrats, we will always have racism. They will make sure it never goes away. They benefit too much from it — both in the past and today.

  • Donald Kuntze commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The CEO of ya-who is a staunch liberal, biased blow hard feminist. Its a wonder why ATT used their BS email servers. I Fired ATT today and yahoo for that reason.

  • jed Hermit commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    to get anything that resembles news from yahoo and similar, is not possible as the 20 year old meme's have no idea about the world

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