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    Andy commented  · 

    So is Yahoo just going to sweep this one under the rug or what?

    Andy commented  · 

    Exactly, just give us the option. Set it up so we can set a limit if we want. Or let us choose "no maximum. " I don't see how this could be a negative thing.

    Andy commented  · 

    No, and I'm getting pretty frustrated by it. I've tried everything to get a hold of an actual person. You can ask to talk to them on email and they'll send you an automated response. On that response they tell you not to reply to it because no one will see i but they also say that if they don't hear back from you in 72 hours they will assume the problem is fixed. Also on the email they include a link to this feedback section, which is where I got the link to the email option. Its a circle.

    Also their twitter account is constantly responding to things but when I tweet them about fantasy baseball they do not respond.

    I need to know if they are going to change this. I don't want to ask all 12 members to switch to ESPN but we're going to have to do that if we don't get a response here soon

    Andy commented  · 

    Yahoo, is this going to happen or is my league going to have to switch to ESPN? I really need to know sometime soon if you're going to make the change. Its important to my league members to have a points league and many want to have head-to-head. Its not possible to keep a fair balance between pitching and hitting under the current format. We'd love to continue with yahoo but if you're not going to offer this option we're going to have to switch to somebody who will.


    Andy supported this idea  · 

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