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    Smokey commented  · 

    Nazi propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels was astonished by the effectivness of his "Big Lie" tactic. After the war, the Soviets copied and improved on Goebbels Big Lie. And now U.S. media elites, who famously bragged that they could "sell ice cubes to Eskimos," have improved on the Big Lie tactic by refusing to publish any comments. That way there can be no facts or opinions that contradict the blatant propaganda that pretends to be news reporting.

    What we're left with is no different than Herr Goebbels Nazi propaganda, or the erstwhile Soviets annual claims that their 5-year agricultural Plan would again exceed projections.

    What is Yahoo afraid of? That someone, somewhere might post a good idea? Or that a reader might be critical of a "news" report? Here's a current example, from today's Yahoo news feed:

    New York City's "...Board of Elections has managed to vindicate the self-serving and politically corrosive mendacity of Donald Trump."

    With that kind of "news," why would Yahoo even need opinion articles? To bash readers over the head again, with the same kind of hyper-partisan propaganda?

    Yahoo used to provide a forum for everyone to post their opinion. Has the price of pixels increased so much that Yahoo can no longer afford a reader comment section? Or is indoctrinating the public too much fun?

    Bring back the Comments section, or Ima skedaddle — to somewhere that lets me vent after I read the news.

    Because we don't need propaganda spoon-fed to us, we get that everywhere else. Let us comment, or lettuce Romaine!

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