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    I am generally using spamgourmet, best email tool ever. On the fly email adresses that have default limit of 20 emails that can be lowered or reset back to 20 when used up. Lots of settings.
    Spamgourmet forwards it all wherever you want. Or not at all. You can send from the adresses as well. Problem is that they are well known and a good number of sites prevent users from registering with spamgourmet accounts. Hence I started using yahoo's alternative.

    Disposable emails is great for keeping track of who is the culprit when you start getting spam mail.

    Hotmail has an alias service. I do not know what the limits and regulations are for it. I only used it once, you get an address. Gmail supposedly makes email addresses on the fly as well. If your email is you use a dot in front of joe like this

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