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    Anonymous commented  · 

    Robert, I agree with what you are saying, and I am the original ("Anonymous") poster / commentor of this thread. But since you said "... when YOU ..." (make a change), etc., you should know you are NOT complaining to YAHOO. Unfortunately, this is merely a BLOG for USERS to share ideas. As you will see, YAHOO NEVER answers any of us. Only other Users do. Yahoo makes it extremely difficult to contact them directly, ask questions, give feedback, or to complain,.

    Anonymous commented  · 

    to Mon YH: THANK YOU. Great ideas. Have to familiarize self with Twitter. signed: Origin of this thread ('Anonymous'). BTW, would have put screen name but once again Yahoo just automatically
    'assigned' me as 'Anonymous.'

    Anonymous commented  · 

    To "Potomac Highlands...": It seems you are making an assumption-- incorrectly -- that our comments are going directly, or at least are being viewed by a Yahoo EMPLOYEE. That is not
    correct. These 674 comments, or "posts" are from Yahoo USERS, NOT their employees. These are just Users - complaining - UNDERSTANDABLY - and sharing possibly solutions. YAHOO DOES NOT SEEM TO have an easy place that we can ASK them QUESTIONS, AND GET SOLUTIONS. IT IS NOT HERE, that is for sure. I am the original Person who posted this, -- as "Anonymous" and I am NOT a Yahoo Employee, just a user.

    Anonymous commented  · 

    Michael Yee, You keep posting this to the wrong people. We do NOT work for Yahoo, (or Verizon). We are just USERS, that is 'Consumers', and not employees who can give you the answer you need. In a recent post on this Blog, the ONLY reason I listed the STEPS to handle CONTACT list -- was because I USE Yahoo Email, and I wanted to share ONE solution, Until YAHOO FIXES this!! Michael Yee, you need to contact YAHOO directly.
    this. Michael Yee,

    Anonymous commented  · 

    Joan Lee, Yes, Yahoo needs to change it (back) to an easier method. In the meantime, I figured out the STEPS to make changes, add, delete, and listed them here on this thread. Look under "Anonymous." Those STEPS do work, but they require patience and time.

    Anonymous commented  · 

    To another 'Anonymous' #2. THANK YOU for the compliment! -- NO, I obviously do NOT work for Yahoo (Verizon), the latter which has been TERRIBLE also. (I am 'Anonymous' #1, the originator of this thread of comments about the Problems to Change, Edit, Add, Delete CONTACTS. I posted yesterday the LONG LIST of INSTRUCTIONS.) I should change by name by which to Post Comments. But I might have to go through a similar LONG LIST of instructions !!

    Anonymous commented  · 

    Hi, I am the original Commentor in this particular thread COMPLAINT to YAHOO Email. Below are the STEPS we have to take to MAKE CHANGES, ADD or DELETE to CONTACT Lists. Yes, it is ridiculously complicated ! YAHOO NEEDS to FIX THIS! The Posters are Correct -- You CANNOT DELETE a SINGLE NAME !!

    A) ALL CONTACTS - How To Make CHANGES: (For separate "Lists", see B below.)

    1) Click on Contacts Icon (to right of your email index, on right on screen).

    Underneath, you will see: 3 Headings above your list. They are:
    Top / All / Lists, then the *** DOT DOT DOT Menu (3 horizontal DOTS).

    2) Click on 'ALL' -- on the Menu Line
    (choice of 'Top' / 'ALL' / 'Lists')

    3) To ADD a Contact:
    Look to bottom. It has: a + (plus) Sign 'Add a new contact'.

    4 or 5) To EDIT or DELETE Contact -- from 'All' Contacts List:

    a) Click on that Actual Contact's Name.
    b) Go to the 3 Dots Menu to above right of Name, Click on.
    c) You will have 2 choices only - EDIT or DELETE CONTACT.

    Note: That's it - for ALL CONTACTS. Continue for more.

    OR B) Individual (separate) LISTS of CONTACTS - How to Make CHANGES:
    (For some weird reason, Changes are different in 'Lists' than in 'ALL' !)

    1) Click on "All" Contacts Icon --
    (SAME as for 'ALL' Contacts in A) above)

    2) Click on "Lists" -- on the Menu Line
    (choice of 'Top' / 'ALL' / 'Lists')

    3) To ADD a Contact: (SAME as for 'ALL' Contacts in A)
    Look to bottom. It has a + (plus) Sign 'Add a new contact'.

    4 or 5) To EDIT or DELETE Contact --- when in "Lists" of Contacts:
    !! NOTE: This is DIFFERENT from 'ALL' Contacts !!.

    4) the Word "EDIT" is already underneath the 3 DOTS (horizontal),
    to the right of the Title of Your Own List - e.g. "Family" Contacts.
    CLICK on 'Edit' to Edit a Name within a Sub List of Contacts.

    !! 5) To DELETE within 'Lists', You must first go through Step 4) and
    Click on Edit. THEN, 'Edit List' is Centered in Middle at Top of List.

    TO the RIGHT of that, are ANOTHER 3 DOTS (horizontal).
    You will see the Word "DELETE"

    THE Posters are Correct -- You CANNOT DELETE a SINGLE NAME !!!

    ---- the end --------

    Anonymous commented  · 

    to RobertStrongbow - NO - NOT in our Yahoo Email setup.--The Calendar and Notepad are to the right of Contacts, NOT to the right of MAIL. As many others have commented, after that comes the Settings Wheel, and there is NO OPTION TO: EDIT, ADD or DELETE CONTACTS !!

    Anonymous supported this idea  · 

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