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Fix very very slow yahoo program

I received a yahoo email writer recently but am seriously concerned at how awful it is to write back to this person.

I want to write a simple email reply (now using Document to make it quicker in my explanation here) but keep experiencing problems writing this message.

Many times I write several words but then discover the writer has stopped and to continue I need to find appropriate line to continue or find the page has moved or the whole message has suddenly deleted on me.

Several other things happen whether I use computer or do not use it. I end up writing and rewriting my messages many times before allowed to send.

I desire to write my message on appropriate page once without the terrible hassle. How?

By the way this computer should be fast as I spent a lot and am using 8. Something and windows 10 which should be very fast. So should not be delayed so terribly.

Please advise how to sort out this mess.

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