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Fake News

I understand that any business needs sponsorship but the approach Yahoo as a company has taken is either unethical or ignorant. The amount of sponsorship that poses as an actual news article is far too numerous. I can cite one example of Holland being a big winner in Brexit, when you click on this headline it takes you to a mock up website of The Mail, the content is then about Sweden and Bitcoin, and it is just a selling article. Another article is about how Psy, the artist, stopped a gig so he could plough 284 million into bitcoin. This is just completely false. If you are allowing sponsors surely there should be some quality control or enforcement against click bait and potencial scams. Scams, this is a real possibility, people click an article on your site, it takes them to another site which is completely mocked up, something you receive money for, now this mocked up site has already started off as immoral, as a company do you even know if people on these sites you support can plough away cash. If not this is a really big concern. It also leads me to wonder if your 'actual' news can be trusted. There is no effort to protect consumers from fake sponsored news so how can I trust if your actual news has been researched. I would suggest better quality control of all your news articles.

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