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Your new product is terrible. I'm outahere for good. Can't even correctly detect my location and won't allow me to specify one as default.

Go back to a product that works.

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Hi Steve!

If you go to the “Showtimes” tab at the top, just below the Yahoo search bar, you should see your local theaters with the playing movies and times. The new layout uses your current location; however, you can change the location by clicking on the “Change location” link (which uses zip codes) and it will show the surrounding theaters. You can also use the date, theater, and movie drop-down menus just below to filter all the specifics.

If your seeing a different location when signed in, you may want to change your default location.

We appreciate the feedback, and thanks for using Yahoo Movies!


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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It "let's you change your location," but the theatre list doesn't change. It still shows the last from your first location.

  • James commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Clicking on "change location" does bring up local theaters as does clicking on "get show times" ...but only for the current session. This "new and improved" page does not allow you to permanently change the location........unless you do what Yahoo wants you to do, and that is to "detect" your location so they then have a permanent tab on you. Another "Big Brother" move.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The solution offered does not work. no matter what i do I always get showtimes for Sunnyvale when I open the web page.

  • NeoRocket commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yeah I am done with yahoo Movies page. It has completed its 6 year arc to complete non functionality. I don't need any patronizing suggestions on "how to set this or find that". I could do all that on 06 without a single instruction easily and quickly on simple intuition. Maybe I will look back in in a few months and tYahoo will have returned to the highly readable and informative page it was back in 06 when you could click current trailers and it arranged them automatically in a column then played all if you wanted in order! I MISS those days. One click took you to writing your own review and reading others and then one more click took you too ALL the current reviews all laid out in a grid of the major movie reviewers in all major newspapers. I don't know what yahoo has against functionality but they must HATE it. Seriously I am now completely DONE with Yahoo movies as this page is completely useless. I will use Harkins and Moviefone and the others. I used to go to them after Yahoo as Yahoo was the best in 05 or 06. Well Yahoo has something against being the best so much as they are no longer a 10th choice. Yahoo Movies is a no choice.

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