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STOP the "Yahoo In the Know" videos when I got to Yahoo.com. I Don't Want to See auto loaded videos when I go to my Homepage.

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  • Scott Moore commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I refreshed my homepage this morning, and instead of links to important news stories, I've been greeted with a playlist of videos that starts automatically, and resumes uncontrollably every time I switch back to the tab, even AFTER I pause it.

    And as if that's not insulting enough, the so called "news" videos in the playlist are the most inane, pointless subjects ever. I don't want to see videos of Britain's oldest takeaway driver, or snuggling elephants, or steers, or whatever else populates that playlist. I expect news!

    There's a newly elected House, an ongoing Russia investigation, and an administration that continually gets caught lying. Put back the important stories -- as LINKS.

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