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  1. Delete Fraudulent Shopping Sites

    On May 11, 2020, I clicked on an ad listed among articles in your daily newsfeed. It was for Singer sewing machines, 70% off online, by the Singer company, it claimed. The website, Singouse, looked professional, legitimate. I purchased a $699 sewing machine for $99.99 via debit card to make face masks for the virus pandemic.

    After not receiving an email confirmation of the sale, I did some research: Singouse had no customer service number, only email. The authentic Singer website is My bank said my payment went to merchant, Chad Valenti___, not Singer. The machine I ordered was…

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  2. Stop The always negative Trump news and FAKE NEWS on the same page as Yahoo Shopping

    On the Yahoo Home Page,
    there is the tab for Yahoo Shopping,
    under the tab there are always a dozen or more Negative Trump news stories and FAKENEWS or twisted news headlines about Trump

    I have never and will never shop and never tap the Yahoo Shopping tap button with that.

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