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    Jens Myers commented  · 

    I get that you hate Trump, but Jesus, every single day there are a dozen new articles and they're not even news. "Such and Such Democrat doesn't like Trump". "How To Impeach A President In Ten Easy Steps". "Watch this guy make faces at a Trump rally". And even the more subtle "W and Michelle Obama are pals now", and yes, I see THAT as a backhanded slap at Trump, too, as well as evidence that W has neither self respect nor a long memory, since the Obamas blamed him for every problem in the last century. I get that you don't like Donald Trump, and I understand when there is real news you will report it, but putting up opinion pieces from leftist rags on the news feed is not news. And NOTHING written by the Yahoo News staff is worth reading, or even news; it's all hateful opinion. If the president makes a mistake, you should report it. If he does right, you should report that, too. When the jobs numbers come out and unemployment is down to 3.9 percent, that should be reported. When the EU comes to him hat in hand, begging for a trade agreement, that should be reported as fast and with as much enthusiasm as you report him talking rudely to them and pointing out that they need us more than we need them, or that Germany is screwing the rest of the EU by sleeping with Russia. No one cares what some Hollywood type or some mindless athlete that left college early, or went four years without graduating thinks of the president. Stop giving those useless people a platform. Why don't you report the decent (not done by news organizations to support a new story) opinion polls that show Donald Trump with a nearly forty percent approval rating among blacks? No Republican has done that well with black voters since Lincoln! Shoot, I'd rather have Russian "bots" than the sorry, twisted, constant drumbeat of "we hate Trump" that you post every hour of every day! And no, I'm not a Russian bot, and I'm not anti-American, I'm an ex-Marine and a graduate of the Naval Academy. I'm not a Trump supporter, either; my guy lost the nomination to him, and I have the intellectual honest to admit that Donald Trump has exceeded my expectations several times over. Can't YOU be intellectually honest?

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