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    Brian commented  · 

    Now that I have your attention with that ridiculous statement, I would like to say that kickers could be much more important than they are currently. The problem is that people give 3 points for chip shots that any kicker should make over 95% of the time, and only 5 points for kicks that most kickers can't make. That, and not subtracting for misses is what makes the kicker position pointless. But of course, that can mostly be done with the scoring settings already. Here are a couple additions I would like to make the kicker more relevant in fantasy football.

    1. Adding a Kicker "No Miss" Bonus Score
    A score for kickers if they miss no field goals under, say, 40 or 50 yards (it can't just be no misses at all, because the good kickers try to break records). This will make kickers more reliable and less random, because kickers with no opportunities will still get some points.

    2. 60+ yard kicks
    The best kickers can make these. Shouldn't they be rewarded for it?

    3. Intervals of 5 yards instead of 10
    The difference in difficulty between a 40 and 49 yard kick or a 50 and 59 yard kick is noteworthy here.

    I think these changes would make the kicker's actual skill matter. And don't act like there's no difference in any kickers, because their kicking strengths and accuracies at each range are much easier to predict than which offenses will stall the most in the red zone. Thank you for reading an entire rant about kickers.

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