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    Kevin H. commented  · 

    Lots of spam gets through -either to the inbox or to the spam folder- because it seems no one has a job to monitor and analyze the spam and reduce the overall number of spam emails by tackling the easiest to handle spam types first.

    If someone's job was on the line, the spam count would go down month-to-month or year-to-year. The spam folder should be for potential spam where the filter could not decide. Blatant and repeated spam should not even make it to the spam folder.

    How much time are we all wasting on scanning the spam folder? I spend a few minutes each week checking the spam folder for valid emails and then permanently deleting the nonsense that’s left.

    We need the spam filter to be a bit smarter in recognizing randomized sender information because we get the same types of spam repeatedly. The spam filter should better recognize emails with randomized usernames (before the @) like

    The filter should also better recognize where the profile name doesn't match the domain name like "Amazon Support <>". This is an easy one because the spam emails will keep using the same handle like "Amazon Support" (or "Lume Deodorant Associate") but have different randomized user names or domain names.

    The filter should also better recognize spammy profile names like "Shipment Tracking" being received by thousands of us at the same time where the email has no text and only a tracking image.

    It would be great if the spam filter tracked the types of emails we collectively have in the spam folder which wind up permanently deleted. Over time the filter could then reduce the highest individual counts of spam emails from making it to the spam folder in the first place. Every spam email that we permanently delete should be counted/tracked and then viewed as a problem. If we keep deleting the same emails repeatedly then the problem emails with highest counts should be blocked from reaching even the spam folder.

    Kevin H. supported this idea  · 

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