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    I would love to see more Fields added to the Yahoo Profile. I have tons of ideas of New Profile Fields to be added but I will list only a few that I have in mind for now & if any of them are taken into consideration, I will post more Yahoo Email Profile Fields are needed & people truly want.

    Here is my List of Profile Fields to be added to the Yahoo Email Profile:

    1. Links to Our Social Media Profiles

    2. Custom Website Links

    3. Cover Image & Profile Logo (Like Facebook, Twitter & Most Other Sites)

    4. Ability to Change Profile Theme or Colors quickly and easily. The ability to Select Themes & Create Themes would be best, because we could always Download Themes we all Create & Share them here on the Forum with Other Members.

    5. About Me Field, Hobbies Field, Employment Field, Relationship Status Field, Sexual Orientation Field & Additional Information Field.

    6. Contact Information Fields, such as Email Address, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, SnapChat, Signal, Discord, Telegram, Tagged, XBOX Gamertag, PlayStation GamerTag, DatChat, FaceTime, Skout & Other Messengers as there are tons of excellent Messengers for Android, iOS & Windows Devices.

    7. Ability to Set the Main Profile & EACH FIELD to Private, Contacts Only, Friends Of Contacts, Friends of Friends of Contacts & Public.

    8. Allow Profile Comments from those you choose to allow Profile Comments from using the Profile Privacy Settings listed above. Everyone loves Comments on their Profiles, generally.

    9. Add a WYSIWYG HTML Text Editor to Profiles so Members can select their Fonts, Font Color, Font Size, Font Background Color, Add Code & ETC. This along with Profile Themes, Covers & Logos would be a MAJOR HIT with Yahoo Members I guarantee.Some Free WYSIWYG Editors that are excellent & user friendly include: CKEditor, TinyMCE, Editor.js, Bubble, Quill, Summernote & Content Tools. Please, please add one of these to our Profiles.

    10. Profiles are also lacking is the ability & feature to search for People by their Profile Information they've entered, which at this time, there is very little Profile Information your could Search other than Name or Gender really. It would be wonderful if you could add some or all of the Features I am Requesting to Profiles to improve your Service for ALL Members.

    With all the above being said, I would not even mind paying for a Premium Membership Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Every 6 Months or even Yearly, as long as we are given the option to select when we can pay and given Multiple Premium Membership Options & there is a Membership everyone can afford or the ability help those that cannot afford a Premium Membership by perhaps allowing Premium Members to purchase Gift Premium Memberships at Discount Rates to Gift to those that cannot afford it. One of the Premium Memberships could include a Free Gift Member Ship for 2 Weeks, 3 Weeks, a Month or Two Months or anything to help the less fortunate as we cannot leave them behind with this. An Affiliate Program would be awesome too if Premium Memberships are implemented.

    MEMBERS: If you like my Ideas & Suggestions, please, please VOTE so we can get this moved to the Top and perhaps Yahoo will take notice & implement some of the Features. Please do not be afraid to add any Features for Profiles you feel we need that I missed also. If this gets no where, I will try a different method but please VOTE & ask EVERYONE you know to VOTE also.

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