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    Eddie Lai commented  · 

    Hello, what information was requested from me? I received an email and responded to that right away back in September.

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    Eddie Lai commented  · 

    This is in regards to the new Super Veteran status where I believe the algorithm is very flawed. I may be critical in in my feedback but please don't take it the wrong way. There are currently many known DFS sharks who have 120,000 or more wins on their account who are not Super Veteran while some users with less than 1,000 wins are being designated a Super Veteran. Please take a look at these examples

    Here are 3 users with 120,000, 175,000, and 276,000 total wins who aren't Super Veteran. https://sports.yahoo.com/dailyfantasy/user/500330 https://sports.yahoo.com/dailyfantasy/user/428905 https://sports.yahoo.com/dailyfantasy/user/8400
    And here are 3 users who ARE Super Veteran with 200 (2 HUNDRED), 800 (8 HUNDRED) and 1,000 total wins https://sports.yahoo.com/dailyfantasy/user/26539751 https://sports.yahoo.com/dailyfantasy/user/24895080 https://sports.yahoo.com/dailyfantasy/user/13790010

    In the FAQ about the new Super Veteran status, this is posted:
    ‘If I suddenly win big won’t I be banned?’
    No, we only restrict players who consistently win large amounts over time.

    Based on the user with 200 wins who is a Super Veteran, I hope you can see that your statement is not correct. A user with 200 wins is exactly a player who just won big. Compare this with the shark with 276,000 total wins who isn't a Super Veteran.

    From this, I would guess that your algorithm is based on an ROI threshold and I think it also needs to consider the amount of entries and also for which sport. Take these two examples
    1. Casual User enters $2,000 in entry fees, has gross earnings of $20,000. The ROI is 900%
    2. Shark User enters $50,000 and has gross earnings of $80,000. The ROI is 60%.
    If you are only using an ROI threshold, take a look at that difference! Casual player has 900% and shark has 60%!

    Please consider revisiting the Super-Veteran determining algorithm to include
    1. Total entry fees spent
    2. Total number of wins
    3. Having a different status per sport e.g. if someone only plays NBA, should they really be restricted from every other sport when the strategy is so different?

    Have a great day and please feel free to reply with questions!

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