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    Rusty Shackleford commented  · 

    Is it possible you can actually find stories to write about besides Marvel's endgame or game of thrones. This is what you write about the most like the national enquirer. Marvel's end game, game of thrones, Meghan markle, the Kardashians. I seriously cannot believe how much you put the Kardashians in the spotlight like they actually do anything or accomplished anything. You're like a reality TV show that follows Kim Kardashian around Non-Stop. Why? **** if any weirdos should be followed that much it's Bruce Jenner. why don't you write an article about how he made the transition to squat when he pees. And that's sarcasm, because knowing you guys you actually will write an article about it. The thing is I like Yahoo news but you're seriously starting to disgust me on a daily basis. I should just get a room full of kindergarteners hand them all pens and tell them to write stories cuz I'm sure they'd actually compare with what you're putting out there

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