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    Michael Mcmillian commented  · 

    We need a new item for observation in the general public, as a truck driver I’ve always tried to stay away from others unless necessary . It’s just a simple way to avoid medical issues and contact from others , nothing new for us , however I am disturbed by what I see out here .
    In Houston two days ago , and people are out in abundance . Most don’t have masks or gloves , sanitizer is not available at all .
    People using their shirts to open doors , and then they walk into a restroom sue it and open the door .without washing hands , they only practice a somewhat visual precaution when others can see them .
    Is it time to shame people with videos and photos ? Maybe so because their actions say so , after watching twenty people grab the same door only one used precaution.
    As a former restaurant operator I can say that the whata Burger and Sonic brands are and have been miles ahead of this , it’s a ritualistic practice in each of these .
    What can we do ?

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