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Make the rows single spaced again

1) Could you please return to having at least one of the "new views" with single spaced rows?

2) Ideally this would be an option in all views - especially the "my portfolio one".

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Well, I was optimistic!

    Easter is upon us and the problem still isn't fixed.

    What was once a simple 4-action "select/copy/select paste" is now a 14-step process to achieve the same result!
    And for what reason?
    How is the rationalised as an improvement to Yahoo Finance?
    Maybe Yahoo just doesn't care>?

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    I don't use the "portfolio" facility, except to get the drop-down menu to get access to my "watchlists"

    "Watchlists" present as 1-row per stock (as they always have). but when you copy from that view it doesn't actually copy it.

    Instead, It seems that it copies from a "my holdings" view (which I've never looked at before) and that's 2-lines per stock).

    With any luck, Yahoo may get around to doing something about this before Easter?

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    For many years, I used to simply 'copy' then 'paste' portfolio stock codes and prices straight into my spreadsheets....very convenient1

    Now I 'copy' then 'paste' into a separate section of a spreadsheet, then 'selct' and 'shift' all the prices up one row (leaving a blank line between each useful line).

    Then in the spreadsheet, 'Select' all, go to spreadsheet "sort", 'select' the code column as the sort column and 'sort' alphabetically. That converts back to 1 row per stock

    Then I 'select' , 'copy' then 'paste' the prices into the correct part of my spreadsheet.

    What a tedious process! for what was once convenient and simple!

    And for what purpose did Yahoo introduce this new 2-row formatting? Their webpage looks just the same as always! ... 1 row per stock.

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