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Get rid of the annoying "Notifications bell" on the homepage

Why are you notifying me of news items I can already see? get rid of this garbage or at LEAST allow me to turn the damned thing off! What is it for? Why do I need it? The news items are ALREADY on the homepage If I WANT to read news I will read it I don't need notifications every time I open the homepage REMOVE OR I REMOVE MYSELF FROM YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ******* **** TAKING ********!!!

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    Why do you idiots NEVER listen and constantly add USELESS features like a notification bell displaying GARBAGE "news items" I have no ******* interest in IT'S OFFENSIVE ANNOYING AND OBTRUSIVE AND INTERFERING WITH MY USE OF THE SITE REMOVE IT OR I WILL GOTO A HOMEPAGE THAT ******* LISTENS!!!!!!!

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