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Why are most of your news feeds from HuffPo? This is not a credible source of news. It's the leftist version of the National Enquirer.

Please allow users to control the news feed sources by deleting sources they find to be slanted or unreliable.

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    Give people a way to opt out of useless, tasteless pop-culture gossip nonsense like "Pop-sugar" and the like. Sick of having to wade through "headlines" about inconsequential fluff to find the news I want to read. And frankly, I have no desire whatsoever to gaze at Kim Kardashian's latest lack of clothing over my morning tea. Stop pushing trash off on people. LET US OPT OUT.

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    The number of poor to fake news feeds on the Yahoo site are terrible. Many sources can be found but the most are from Slate, HuffPost, PopSugar, ThinkProgress, etc. Please allow us to edit our news sources either by site or journalist. Some journalist are terrible and try to just be published with sensational fake news, full of editorial comments blended in as news. Other non-yahoo news consolidators are better at filtering out either the sites or journalists. Be best of breed here yahoo.

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