How can we improve New Mail?

I don't want to switch to bare-bones "classic mail", I just want the same new mail format I had until yesterday.

The huge space on the right with unnecessary info about the sender... the choice between a blinding white background or a ridiculously dark one... switching back doesn't take me to the "previous version", it takes me to an unpleasant basic version and doesn't solve the problem. I don't think my eyes can use this new format, sorry and hope you consider the option of keeping it how it was until now.

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  • scorbale commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Verizon takes over and we get hopeful but we get the same old ****!
    You want us to switch? Then bring back Classic Mail, the one that started it all. Great layout, easy to use, good looking.
    The new version stinks!

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