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    Seth Dameon Podwysocki commented  · 

    Look you make these stories you publish them it shows you have comments but not everyone is allowed to comment like me for example. So if you are publicly going to post something be a man or woman and take the criticism or complements. Now I get some people are asshes and will curse or get into dumb states of mind. Those people have just as much write to their feelings you provoked by publicly putting a story out you had your free speech don't impead others free speech to not being able to reply and no one is asking you to read every signal comment but take the hits with the pats on back. At the end of the day what does it hurt to have an open comments section it promotes debate and people learn from each other and different ideas flow and you can gauge your audience better. Just tip for the future stay away from everything woke. For the love of God denounce it it's a cancer and we need to get back to a civilized a+b= c not a+b= that strange character no one uses and the band of merry friends and some strange new view that they believe though not supported by any science but pushing others to believe it as if it were. We need to get back to science and facts and public official need to be get back to doing their jobs which isn't a party agenda it's to do good for our people first not the party first each topic taken into consideration for each domain they preside over and how it best suits their people. Public hero's firefights teachers police officers who are particularly praise worthy these are news worthy things sure it's not sensational but it's wholesome news and builds our confidence in our news and our countries health. Corruption being found and reported and punished crime being stopped people being protected by our laws. Report on good things. If all you do is report on bad things you demoralize and diminish our spirits and faith in our nation's systems.

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