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    Angel Rodriquez commented  · 

    Mack is accurately listed as an EDGE on the Chargers depth chart, probably noting the hybrid D.

    Obviously edge is not an official position, but is an LB/DE hybrid &: should be reflected as such.

    This is the best explanation of why your metrics and designations on these
    specific positions are incorrect and wildly inaccurate, depleting valuable players of the points they are best garnered to win at their position:

    Essentially, you are mislabeling the majority of edge players. By simply going with a defensive scheme designation, those labels are inaccurately robbing players of points. The problem is the fact that edge is not currently an official designation, but equally another additional problem is in the fact that you continue to evaluate defensive schemes, using only two categories, when in actuality many teams use hybrid schemes that do not fit into either compartment, this negating your entire evaluation of player designations completely.

    Mack is just one example.

    He is even noted, currently, as a DE on University of Buffalo's website:

    "During his time with both the Raiders and Bears, Mack played in both a 4-3 and 3-4 defensive front."

    He is an EDGE, that plays both DE & OLB in a HYBRID defense, that is typically 3-4, but also runs 4-3 & other variants.

    An edge player is best described as a hybrid between a linebacker and DE position.

    Currently, your point system and player designation system is the most wildly inaccurate of all the major fantasy football applications I have evaluated.

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    Angel Rodriquez commented  · 

    These are EDGE players and while that IS NOT and official position, look at what defines the label and you will find yourself in a pool of DEs because it's so insanely obvious to see.
    Theyve adjusted to a HYBRID 3-4 with *EDGE RUSHERS* or as SI's CHARGER REPORT notes: "This defense is predicted to be a 3-4 with some moving parts" aka NOT a stringent 3-4 and JUST LIKE MACK - they're going to play a little of BOTH. Ever wonder why the CHARGER website mentions his designation (former or otherwise) as either an EDGE or a DE? It's because they actually know what the heck they are talking about - I swear, you have so many players WRONGLY classified as LBs. Does he drop to 3 point stance and fiercely attack the line off snaps like a DE? YES. Does he also sometimes snap at a stand and drop back like an LB? Also, yes.
    I mean if YAHOO SPORTS (aka YOU) is writing articles, noting his resume and skillset as a DE hybrid, you would THINK you would list him correctly on Fantasy.
    Here are just a slew of articles listing his position CORRECTLY, all recent:

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    Angel Rodriquez commented  · 

    Before we even get into my request can you have whoever is running your site READ up on FB a bit so they can actually properly categorize the difference between DEs and LBs. Swear, your site is just off the rails with its designations, never seen more insane designations:
    Khalil Mack should have dual LB/DE designation as he does in practically EVERY other league because THAT's what he is. Chargers don't run a standard 3-4, it's a hybrid. Chargers have him listed as an "EDGE" defender:
    Does THIS look like an LB?
    And that is a term yet to officially be defined, but can refer to, yes, a DE or OLB, but the definition of WHAT they do and WHERE is most important. Even his own school has him listed CURRENTLY & CORRECTLY as a DE/OLB:
    He, like MANY other edge players are NOT in their proper category and it seems like YOUR league is just completely wacked on everything. Other leagues at least make SOME sense with the dual designation but to list him as STRICTLY a LB is ridiculous. That's NOT what he is. That's NOT what he does.
    Let's take a few other players, for example, all listed at EDGE, you'll notice the MAJORITY are DEs and why is that? Because of the definition of the role and what it DOES. He's a DE in a 4-3 and an OLB in a 3-4. Check out this CHARGERS list of EDGE players (which is what they have Mack listed as): [IT INCLUDES: Cameron Jordan (DE), Bosa (DE), & MACK (DE)] Even his own team knows what he is.
    I mean your own league has Jadeveon Clowney at DE - he and Mack are basically the same player in terms of hybrid status but you give one a DE and one an LB? Where most ALL other leagues disagree with you. Pretty sure his OWN TEAM mentions him as an EDGE (and not "LB" or "DE") because he's a hybrid player deserving both designations, as stated in this article from CHARGERS.COM mentioning his FIRST TEAM ALL PRO HONORS at DE & LB simultaneously:
    A similar argument could be made of his teammate Bosa, with the Chargers running a 4-3 until this year. DE Bosa is basically STILL a DE, but in a 3-4, doing all the roles of a traditional DE as he always has, under an "EDGE" label that, well until officially adopted as a position, traditionally aligns far more with a downed lineman attacking the line and passer. Do you see Mack in 3-point sometimes? Yes. Do you see him head up sometimes? Yes. Does he play both? Yes. Is he listed as a DE still in leagues? Yes. And also an LB? Yes. And on non-official (non fantasy, article related) sites is he listed most accurately as an EDGE, though not an official designation, MOST accurately defines his hybrid role as a mix of OLB/DE in BOTH the DEFINITION of the positions (and what they DO), but also in size and mobility.
    I MEAN COME ON, YOURE GOING TO PUT *ONE* position designation on THIS grouping:
    completely ignoring ALL their HISTORIC roles/positions on a team or maybe do a little work and recognize - oh wait, this scheme isnt exactly traditional and this - hmmmm, maybe the roles are equally not traditional. LIVE IN THE NOW!

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